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Independent insights. Trusted expertise.

For 30 years Rob Lawrence has been at the forefront of education research, reviews, and planning. Countless projects he has worked on are unique and first to market, requiring depth experience in knowing how best to deliver results.

These results have involved direct access to thousands of people around the world each year: Students, parents, industry leaders, expert commentators, government agencies, analysts, agents etc.

Such exposure has given Rob a wealth of knowledge about the ongoing global dynamics, including how needs, opportunities, and circumstances impact decisions. His insights have inspired countless innovations and helped forge the education landscape we see today.

Rob’s breadth of exposure and depth of experience are one-and-only.


Locally strong. Globally aware.

Rob has honed his knowledge in both domestic and international education markets. As Rob frequently contends, the local position determines international potential.

A deep understanding of diverse market segments, based around individual values and drivers is essential. These segments cover the entire spectrum of education supply, across all levels.

Equally, commercial intentions are based around different priorities and accompanying needs. Understanding business has proved a fundamental point of difference behind Rob’s sector know-how.

Rob started as a market planner but always appreciated the absolute importance of informed research. Which is why Rob embarked on his own research journey, a lifetime gathering intelligence and knowing how and where to find it.

Above all, Rob owns the challenge.