Prospect Research and Marketing


2017 Case Studies.



Many of the projects which we have worked upon are commercial-in-confidence. However, the results of various projects have been presented in the public domain, both electronically and through various client presentations, including recent examples of the following:



Study Adelaide:

Comprehensive brand health monitor testing across twelve cities in China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka; together with stakeholder interviews across these markets, plus Hong Kong and Australia. A highly precise screening criteria meant that the final sample of 1,135 required applied screening of 81,000 potential respondents. Over 100 people were engaged in this project.


Trade and Industry Queensland:

Facilitation of the Queensland Government international education roll-out strategy, involving seven major events throughout Queensland and accompanying strategy recommendations.


Australia Indonesia Centre:

Mid-term performance review of the AIC, as part of the DET, DFAT and university funding agreement. This involved extensive partner engagement in both Australia and Indonesia, plus over 120 stakeholder interviews.


Education New Zealand:

Comprehensive audit of schools from other countries which have some form of presence in China.


Monash University:

Comprehensive domestic and international testing of the Question the Answers campaign, involving several hundred field research participants, including Year 9 to 12 students, university students, teachers, parents, employers and opinion leaders.



Substantial research study across 38 locations and involving many hundreds of community research participants to assess the impact of international education across the wider community. This report was based around different population centres, demographics and employer categories.


University of Leicester:

Comprehensive international strategy, based upon extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement, plus field research with prospective and actual international students.