Prospect Research and Marketing


2018 Case Studies.



Many of the projects which we have worked upon are commercial-in-confidence. However, the results of various projects have been presented in the public domain, both electronically and through various client presentations, including recent examples of the following:



University of South Australia:

Extensive field research across six countries to identify the future demand patterns for online education. This research involved interviews with several hundred industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors and key thought leaders.


Massey University:

Depth consultancy to create a future international marketing and recruitment framework across the University’s three campuses.


Study Perth:

Production of major strategic initiatives to support Study Perth’s efforts in positioning Perth as a study destination.  This involved investigative research and reporting around such fields as digital media patronage, employability initiatives and best practice alumni relations.


Charles Darwin University:

Series of international strategies to grow the University’s international position in both Higher Education and VET, together with support initiatives to enable further growth across the wide network of campuses.


Scope Global:
Marketing and positioning paper to expand the range of mobility options, including sponsorship markets.


James Cook University:
Development of a brand palette for each of the University’s campuses (Townsville, Cairns, Singapore and Brisbane), together with an integrated brand map for international development for the entire University.


University of Sydney:
Deep analysis of Vietnam to identify the future of research needs across a wide range of different disciplines.




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